Be extra aware of sensitivity, more from a sadness layer than anger. That is the core and where deep healing takes place. Honor that space. And please give yourself a ton of meditation, yoga from the heart, and connecting with nature, earth- hiking would be huge. EARTH and AIR and ETHER. then flow next, then fire after that. Pure beauty. Pure sweet unconditional love.

Manifest Steps:


  • Practice honoring the self by connecting to the heart through meditation

  • Listen to your “guy” that you would listen to a lot (irish man I believe)

  • Put on chakra balancing meditation music in the background

  • Drink warm tea, nourishing oatmeal, kitchari or lentils and rice

  • Hike, walk outside in nature, be present with oneness. It is time to get grounded, not too much fire over the next couple of days, unless you feel called to release energy.

  • Compassion focused meditation, meditation from the heart- guided imagery meditations (the irish man you like!)

  • Spirit-!!! Lots of nourishing the spirit over the next few days

  • FOOD- food as medicine- pay attention while you are “present” to food as medicine- focus on warm foods, warm ginger lemon tea, lentils and rice, kitchari would be great right now! This is a wonderful opening to the world that lies exists and will flow in and out through time- your oneness and the connection to hearing and following the truth and guidance your body, mind and spirit offer you is the catalyst! Not a road traveled by many, a road that is scary at times- a road that we can’t food ourselves out of. A road that leaves us trusting the unknown, ourselves and a road where POWERLESSNESS is truly understood. Welcome to this road, you are answering your own questions! Your guides are very strong and are with you always- and especially present today. It was a beautiful moment- deep, sad, humbling- I saw your soul, and it is so bright and pure and AWESOME! I am so excited for you! TRUSTING YOURSELF is all you need- and trusting yourself, means trusting the wise one within. It means trusting the nature and beauty of that which we cannot see. Trusting and believing in magic. I welcome you to experience magic- and you can enhance this more by playing- thinking about movies that bring you childhood memories of magic and innocence and mystery! Maybe this is a part of your draw to the sci-fi world!