Are you ready for more peace? More clarity? And more joy in your professional and personal life than ever before?

If so, Executive Coaching is for you.

Discover how changing or accommodating personal values, characteristics, limiting beliefs, energy and perspectives can affect leaders, teams and business processes. My Executive Coaching helps you reach the greatest potential in the area of focus and chosen priority.

Bringing me into your business gives you:

  1. Realistic assessment of where you are, what needs to improve and how to make those changes.
  2. Enhance the performance of your senior executive team through more effective time, focus and energy management.
  3. Gain greater awareness of patterns that contribute to a lack of trust, productivity, and fear based culture.
  4. Help you to handle, analyze and diffuse volatile situations to more favorable outcomes.
  5. Invest in your employees by improving their leadership, communication, and collaboration skills so that they become outstanding!
  6. Identify the strengths and weaknesses of your employees and benefit from improved sales, efficiency and profitability.
  7. Learn simple techniques that help you Love Your Business and the way you do business.
  8. Optimise actions and attitudes that are conducive to raising the quality of service, increasing your client base and growing your profitability.
  9. Implement work-life balance and achieve harmony in the work place.
  10. Have an extra pair of eyes and ears that you trust to look at your business from a different vantage point and perspective.
  11. Create a Fun and Healthy Work Environment where staff thrive physically, mentally, emotionally and financially.
  12. Qualified professional with 12 years of business and personal development experience to coach you to take your business to the next level.


Michelle really listens and HEARS your core needs and concerns.  In her empowering way, she gets you on track and excited about the work ahead. She is a powerhouse with a sensitive soul and it is a pleasure to work with her. 

~Jessie Francis, Co-Founder of Open Hearts Art Center

To truly improve an organization, it’s imperative that the executives get intentional support. Often executives are left alone with no partners, and few confidants. Yet it is their responsibility to create change, implement effective strategies, and drive the organization overall. Coaching assists executives in their leveraging their management styles for consistent success. Additionally, coaching allows for more awareness and opportunities for reflection and growth. It provides constant, productive feedback to be used personally and professionally.

  • Coaching can be focused on a specific situation that is arising, or proactively attempting to reach an upcoming goal.
  • Typical coaching engagements range from six to twelve months.

To learn more about what Executive Coaching can do for you, schedule a consultation.


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