I am honored that you are here, and that you are driven to manifest wholeness while achieving success. Too many people are lost in the ebb and flow of daily life, but you and I are not like other people. 

Who am I?

I  am a consultant, motivational speaker, reiki master, holistic coach, psychotherapist, and yogi. 

I help people who long to feel balanced while serving others in their personal and professional life. I help helpers find healing and sustainability- addressing the distinct needs of compassionate, heart-centered human beings.

Like you, I’ve always considered myself a go-getter. Whenever I went after something, I went after it one billion percent.  This character trait led to an impressive list of accomplishments. 

But, amidst all of those accomplishments, I started to feel like something was “off.”   (Maybe you can identify with that right now.)  I started to realize that in my pursuit of success, I had been climbing someone else’s ladder.  As I realized that, I started the process of getting clear on what I really wanted to do more of, and what I needed to eliminate to make that a reality.  So I started to simplify.  I started to boil things down to the most important aspects of life — Health, family, spirit, AND business.  

Now, I’m climbing the right ladder for me and it’s making all the difference.  That’s what I want for YOU.  

In fact, I’m excited to say that this is exactly what I get to help other people to do.  I help them to find that clarity and then build a plan so they can create the life (health, spirit, relationships and financial) they’ve always wanted to live.  For some of my clients that has meant making some major changes (like me), but for others it’s been small tweaks.

But again, this is what I want for YOU.  I want to help you achieve the clarity that you desire in order to create the life you were meant to live!

Live the light. Be the light. Spread the light.