The enthusiasm that Michelle brings to her clients is authentic and spirited. Knowing Michelle, she lives her values and taps into her own experiences of self-healing when working genuinely with others. When undergoing lifestyle changes, there is no one thread that is separate from the fabric of the entire Self: mind, body, and spirit. Michelle understands this deeply, meets you where you are on your path, listens with intent, and tenderly walks with you forward. The personalized experience she is offering is a well-crafted blend of experience, wisdom, and a sincere understanding of the human journey. 

~Sarah Shoemaker

YOUR connection AWAITS

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When our 20 year old granddaughter, who was suffering from a sever anorexia relapse, came to live with us, I immediately sought Michelle Mendez-Youell’s counsel. Having worked with Michelle on local civic eating disorder awareness projects, I appreciated that her treatment approach applied evidenced-based research while avoiding the limitations of a linear thought process. She expertly analyzed M’s condition and gathered a creative treatment team that lead M. out of ED denial and into a higher level of care.  Thanks to Michelle’s courage, insight and expertise, M. is now on the road to recovery.

~Dee Dee Jones, Asheville, President of The Center for Disordered Eating and grandmother of a grandchild with an eating disorder


Michelle Mendez-Youell is a highly skilled, relatable, gentle and effective practitioner. I have never felt so connected to a professional before. Her loving nature, knowledge of psychology and psychopathology, empathy and talents make her an exceptional choice to work with. She is a real gem and makes a DEEP and unique impact on her clients. I am forever changed because of her and will hold my time working with her incredibly close and dear. I am my true self now after feeling like a hopeless case. For knowing someone so special and for her help and guidance, I am forever grateful. It is a gift to know Michelle. In short, she's the best.


I was referred to Michelle by another therapist who felt I would benefit from seeing someone specialized in eating disorder treatment. Soon after I started therapy with her, she encouraged me to look more objectively at my drinking habits, which were, admittedly, out of control. Michelle was willing to work with the therapist I have been seeing for some time to ensure that I was adequately supported in my recovery from an eating disorder and alcohol addiction, as well as PTSD and trauma-related issues. Our time working together was cut short by an unforeseen move, but in six months of weekly sessions, I was able to start opening up about an eating disorder I've had for fifteen years and to commit to- with support and accountability- remaining sober from alcohol. Her realness with me helped me feel comfortable enough to talk about issues I had been struggling with for years and to start making positive changes in my life.



I know Michelle to be a gentle, kind-hearted therapist who is passionate about utilizing the knowledge, skills & abilities she possesses to guide others on their various journeys. 


Michelle is a wizard helping people feel understood, she is also a genius at creating strategic solutions that not only get the juices flowing, but also makes it doable, especially for people that have no real time to dedicate. I can honestly say that I have made changes in my career and my marriage, resulting in financial freedom and time to enjoy my success with my husband

~Former Client


Michelle is a powerhouse. I don’t understand how one person can be so clinically creative, ethically sound, business savvy, linear enough to build curriculum that makes sense, and outside-the-box enough that she comes up with ideas you never would. Michelle’s expertise with recovering communities means she’s not your typical business consultant focused on the bottom line. She'll raise your bottom line but she makes sure your organization and offerings are world class while she does it. 

~Allison Puryear, Private Practice Consultant and ED specialist


Working with Michelle has been a wonderful experience. She created a therapeutic environment that truly flowed with my process, and one in which I always felt safe, free, and heard. Michelle was extremely skillful in helping me navigate old thought patterns and behaviors and determine their roots. She has helped me find self-compassion and enrich my ability to feel joy in simply being me and having the gift of my life.

~Former Client


 Michelle, I looked up my email around when I saw Julia Halsey (the therapist right before I saw you) and it was in October of 2011!! So a month or two later I met you. My heart is so incredibly full of gratitude and happiness around having had the privilege of knowing you and getting to work on lots of really challenging things with you. It's nice to reflect because before I saw you I was a freaking emotional mess. I had so little insight and skills. I hadn't even been able to acknowledge ANY of my past painful experiences. You have been the greatest therapist I have ever had and have made an irreplaceable and priceless impact on me. From cutting, to disordered eating of all sorts to binge drinking and crazy out of control emotions and dysfunction in so many areas of my life. Before you, I had never imagined loving and truly cherishing a therapist. I saw them as somewhat helpful, but I didn't have anywhere as close of a connection as I do with you. You're really special and I hope one day I can make near as much as an influence and help as you have given me. Thank you for all you have done for me and for being such a truly rare gem. Love and light. 

~Former Client